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7 things you must know to keep instant article live!!

7 things you must know to keep instant article live!!

In Nepal from two years, many people use Facebook page to earn money from there website. But from last two months many hundreds of Facebook page lost their magnetization feature from their page. Some of them are permanently lost this feature and some of them are temporarily suspend for some times. Today, I am going to gives you some information that you must follow to keep instant articles live and save from lost.

  1.  Delete all your fake page name that impostor your brand page name. Keep Only one true and authentic page. Fill all information about your brand and website name. Because Facebook is going to suspend all importer page that represent someone brand page.
  2. Do not share others brands product, image and news post from other website.
  3.  Share only authentic content and that related image only.
  4. Don’t use title like RIP, BREAKING NEWS, OMG, hate speech etc that words in post title.
  5.  Don’t use image of sexual appeal, over graphics violence, child frightening, adult image, accident, cruel image, beating animal, featuring fight blood, open wounds, bodily fluids, surgeries, medical procedures.
  6. Do not post content about community guideline violation (Debatable social issue related to specific religion- cast -group, sexual tips, adult contents, promotes the sale or use of illegal or illicit products.
  7.  Always update more than 10-15 post regularly which help your website active save from minimal readership.

source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/ramesh-thapa/7-things-you-must-know-to-keep-instant-article-live/1410588289086876/

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