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Beware of spam message in Facebook Page

Beware of spam message in Facebook Page

I recently saw one of this kind of message in one of my client Facebook page’s spam folder.
W‍‍‌e nee‍‍‌d to le‍‍‌t yo‍‍‌u kno‍‍‌w th‍‍‌at yo‍‍‌u’ve br‍‍‌oken our ‍‍ma‍‍‌ny rules on Face‍‍‌bo‍‍‌o‍‍‌k. Yo‍‍‌u ha‍‍‌ve a lo‍‍‌t o‍‍‌f con‍‍‌tent th‍‍‌at be‍‍‌lon‍‍‌gs to som‍‍‌eo‍‍‌ne ‍‍‌els‍‍‌e. It m‍‍‌ea‍‍‌ns y‍‍‌ou h‍‍‌ave bro‍‍‌k‍‍‌en th‍‍‌e co‍‍‌py‍‍‌rig‍‍‌ht. We sh‍‍‌ould, ho‍‍‌wever, av‍‍‌oid the‍‍‌se pro‍‍‌ble‍‍‌ms to‍‍‌gether by wor‍‍‌king w‍‍‌ith y‍‍‌ou. Ple‍‍‌ase fi‍‍‌ll out the li‍‍‌nk be‍‍‌low:


Other‍‍‌wise w‍‍‌e w‍‍‌ill tak‍‍‌e ac‍‍‌tion and yo‍‍‌ur fanp‍‍‌age w‍‍‌ill be clo‍‍‌sed fore‍‍‌ver!
send by facebook id (https://www.facebook.com/54584hg)

Especially if you are audience network user. And in your facebook page, you have instant articles, then you will be worries because in above message it talk about content policy of facebook and it say you have a lot of content that belong to someone else. That may be right because nowadays a lot of website user copy content from another. Even right now facebook officially work on copyright policy and fake news. But this message is not officially from facebook.

If you click this link

https://bit.ly/2uofHXR it redirect to following address.
and it display simple form like this show in screenshot.

If you fill up this form. Your password is stored in their database.
And all of your account are in their control.

Who are they and how can they do this?

Actually they are group of hacker from Germany.

They have domain name http://reewiev-20069167345802.com and they use subdomain facebook.com in their account.

What they do After they get your Facebook password?

After they have your Facebook user and password. They use VPN, and log your Facebook account from your on of your current location. Then they go to your app and business account. They will change your bank detail and remove you admin of your apps and business account. And you and cannot find your app, business account and also the page. Because they are super admin of this page. Then you loose your money that Facebook going to pay you.
So don’t be panic if you see this kind of message. Just ignore it or contact your service provider.

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