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Color theory in web page designing

Color theory in web page designing

When you make website, logo or brand for your bussiness, the one of the key thing is selection of color. A lot of time you don’t know which color is suitable for your brand, so you just use what ever comes to your mind and some times you  don’t even care what gone effect on your bussiness. So in this article I am going to give some useful tips and knowledge of color when you make logo, website for your bussiness. So you can use this technique   for you make your brand beautiful.

Color based on emotion


warm color: red, yellow, orange

cool color: blue, green, purple

neutral color: gray and brown



  • symbolize fire and power
  • associated with power and importance
  • helps to stimulate energy and excitement


  • rage, emergency and anger
  • aggressive qualities


  • combination of its two neighbors color (red and yellow)
  • symbolizes happiness, joy and sunshine
  • cheerful color, evoking childlike exuberance
  • Orange is not as aggressive as red but it takes some of the qualities , stimulating mental activities
  • also symbolizes ignorance and deceits.


  • Bright yellow is a happy color positive yellow qualities:joy, intelligence, brightness, energy, optimization and happiness
  • dingy yellow brings about negative feeling exaction, criticism, laziness and jealousy.


  • Green symbolize nature, healing quality
  • used to symbolized growth and harmony
  • people feel safe with green
  • Hospital often use the green color
  • Green also symbolize of money, showing greed and jealousy


  • Blue is a peaceful and calming color exuding stability and expertise
  • common color used in corporate sites.
  • also symbolize trust and dependability
  • negative side of blue symbolize depression, coldness and passiveness


  • color of royalty and sophistication showing wealth and luxury
  • sense of spirituality and increases creativity
  • Brighter purple can exude a magical feeling.
  • It is also great for promoting creativity and famine quality
  • Darker purple can conjure gloominess and sadness.


  • used to suggest strong feeling and meaning
  • often correlated with power, elegance, sophistication and depth
  • also symbolize depth, mystery and unknown
  • color of grief, mourning and sorrow


  • symbolize purity and innocence
  • cleanness and safety

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