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Part 1:In the present context of Nepalese church, the Holy Communion aka Lord’s Supper is going to more and more ritual than spiritual. Many churches practices this cup once in month or once in two/three months. Some church believes that, To lead this service (Holy communion) minister must have authority or ordain by their senior pastor or bishop. So, they seldom took part in this service even in six moth, one year or weather their bishop or senior pastor visit their service and give them this opportunities. Some church believes that to take part in this service church member must be extra holy and have good relationship with God otherwise they discourage to  take part in this holy communion. So must of church believes that its holy ritual, so when they took part in holy communion, they said like this,  you must judges yourself weather you sin against God or not. And it’s not regular service that include our regular Saturday/ Sunday service.

But in the first century, the believers were gather together to break bread in house fellowship (Act 2:42), and Lord’s Supper is a part of their fellowship (Act 20:11) and part of their worship service (1 cor. 11:24-25).
Because the first century church know the power and importance of breaking bread and communion cup. Jesus said in His Last supper to his disciple “Do this in the remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19). Paul said to church of Chorith, “For as often as you eat this bread, and drink this cup, you do shew the Lord’s death till he come.” (1 cor. 11:26). They know the importance and power of Jesus crucifixion and his broken body. And they do this by declaring his death on cross for this sin and transgression. So they have eagerly participated in this service.

In my future posts, I will write about the importance this cup in our Christian life, who can take part in this service, what is the requirement God wanted from you to take part in this service, why we must practice often not seldom and many other things about this. I will also give answer what Paul said to Chorith, judge yourself….doesnot take part unworthily/unworthy manner. And what is does God wanted to show you from this service and from the Jesus Last Supper to with his disciple.



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