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Whats are traits in Laravel (PHP)?

PHP Traits are simply a group of methods that you want include with in another class. A traits, like an abstract class can not be instantitated by itself.

Traits are created to reduce the limitation of single inheritance in PHP by enabling a developer to reuse sets of methods freely in several independed class living in diffrent class hierarchies.

Here is example of traits in Laravel

trait Sharable {

public function share ($item)

{ return ‘share this item’ ;}


We can use this traits with in others class like this.

class Post {

use Sharable;


class Comment {

use Sharable;


Now if we were to create new object out of those classes, we would find that they both have the share() methods available.

$post = new Post;

echo $post->share (‘ ‘);   // share this items


$comment = new Comment;

echo $comment->share (‘ ‘); // share this items



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